Week 6 – Lunchables!

I kept seeing these homemade lunchables all over Pinterest so I decided to try out a vegan version this week!  Normally I am NOT a fan of vegan cheese.  There are some really disgusting vegan cheeses on the market BUT vegan food science is amazing and there are a few incredibly delicious vegan cheeses available now.  The two best that I have found at our local Whole Foods are Chao (Field Roast) slices and Kite Hill (Cream Cheese, Soft Cheeses).  These two cheeses are so good that I promise you will not miss traditional cheese.  The Kite Hill Chive Cream Cheese is dangerously tasty and addictive.  If you are having a bad day, grab a tub and a bag of pretzels and I promise your day will get better!


  • I am in a bit of a breakfast rut because I love the taste and convenience of these Green Monster smoothies! I promise to look up some new breakfast options for next week but for now I am content with my smoothies!


  • Everyone remembers how fun lunchables were when we were kids.  For some reason the weird little sandwiches were great and they came with a treat!  It wasn’t until I was older that I realized how horrible they are for you (and of course filled with cruelty).  This vegan version is not a super duper healthy lunch BUT it is tasty and a million times healthier than the original version!
    • I used Lightlife Brand Vegan Turkey Slices, original Kite Hill cream cheese and Bacon flavored Ritz Crackers (Bacon flavored but totally vegan! They just have a great smoky, peppery flavor)
    • Grapes and Apples
    • My husband always wants a little extra food so he added hummus and pita to his lunchables

lunchable boxes lunchable unnamed


  • As an Italian I can’t go too long without pasta so I made pasta and steamed broccoli for dinner boxes this week. But as a lazy Italian, I used a jarred marinara sauce for the base of the sauce! Time is always of the essence! I love a tangy marinara sauce so I add red wine vinegar and olive tapenade for a little briny kick.

pasta ingredients

pasta boxespasta


  • Apples and Peanut Butter – Best snack ever!!!


I am working towards a Masters in Dietetics and sometimes my sweet little Calico Sophie likes to help me study!



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