Happy Vegan Thanksgiving!

Although this is a time to give thanks, I am not thankful for the 14 inches of snow that we received in 12 hours! It did lead to some beautiful photos though so I guess I am a little grateful for it!

4 4.2

Not much meal prep this week since it is a short week due to the holiday so I thought instead I could talk about one of the most surprising experiences that I had while at Farm Sanctuary in New York.


I spend most of my time around animals.  In fact, except for when I am driving in my car or in a restaurant there is an animal within a couple feet of me at all times! For someone who spends their whole life devoted to animals, I had no idea that turkeys have such big personalities! They are funny and sociable and love to be pet under the wings.  They would almost purr like a cat when they were pet! They ate grass out of our hands and loved attention as much as any house pet. The whole encounter was eye opening in the best possible way! I spend enough time around pigs to know that they are basically big, pink dogs but I had never thought about turkeys being so similar to domestic animals also.

I was already vegan at that time but if I wasn’t, I know that I would never be able to eat a turkey again after seeing what sweet, unique personalities they have.  I encourage everyone, vegan, vegetarian or carnivore to spend some time at a farm sanctuary and have an experience like this for yourself! I can promise that you will never look at a turkey the same way again!

4.6 4.7

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for all of you who are doing your best to live lives that minimize harm to others. The animals need our voices and I am so thankful for all of you using your influence to inspire others to live a cruelty free life.

Have a Very Happy Vegan Thanksgiving!!!! If you need any ideas for vegan thanksgiving recipes, check out this blog!




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