Week 24 – Back in the Saddle Again

Meal Prep is back!!!!! YIPPEY! Between the holidays and moving into a new house, food has sadly been low on the priority list but now we are back to normal! My physical and mental state already feels better! I am also upping my working out so I made lots of healthy snacks this week to accommodate that.  I never like to feel hungry, that is when bad decisions are made! If you have healthy, tasty snacks for all times of the day you are more likely to succeed!


  • Hot Cereal with Unsweetened Soy Yogurt and Berries


Morning Snack

  • Trail Mix and Chia Fresca



  • Tasty Wraps! – Fill a whole wheat tortilla with lots of fresh goodness and enjoy! This is a basic version of a veggie wrap that my Mom makes all the time that is so fresh and satisfying and delicious! Put whatever you like in it but this is what I used…
    • Hummus
    • Guacamole
    • Brown Rice
    • Black Beans
    • Fresh Cilantro
    • Bell Pepper
    • Carrot
    • Tomato
    • Green Onion
    • A little Thai Peanut Sauce for a spicy kick



Add an apple and peanut butter for an extra yummy lunch!!!


Afternoon Snack/Post Gym Snack 





I did get a chance to do a little cooking after we had settled into the new house and I finally got to use Jackfruit.  If you are unfamiliar with it, it is an amazing, versatile Asian fruit that has a very similar texture and consistency to meat (similar to chicken or pulled pork).  Upton’s Naturals out of Chicago has started to market a packaged version that is finally available in my local Whole Foods! I used the Chili Lime Carnitas version to make fajitas and WOW!!!!! It was seriously incredible! The texture was perfect, the taste was amazing, I am hooked! This is a magic fruit!!!!



Cheers to You in 2016! Here’s to another great year of delicious cruelty free food and saving as many animals as we can together!!!!



Remember that we are all just mortals with the potential of a superman. RIP to a true individual.






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