Week 28 – Happy Vegan Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Always Follow Your Heart Stomach!

This week’s meal prep was based solely on the food that I was craving at the moment with no rhyme or reason.  That is why I am eating cold cereal when it was -4 degrees this morning, breakfast burritos and toast for lunch and Asian for dinner! It is your menu, eat what you want and ALWAYS listen to your stomach!!! It knows what it wants!


  • For some reason I have an overpowering desire for cornflakes with fruit so that is exactly what I’m getting! No prep required! Bonus!



  • Breakfast Burritos with Homemade Whole Wheat Toast and Peanut Butter
    • To veganize the bread just substitute flax eggs and agave for the eggs and honey
    • For the burritos I used…
      • Extra Firm Tofu
      • Lightlife Vegan Sausage
      • Frozen Cubed Potatoes
      • Diced Onion
      • Diced Red Pepper
      • Flavor!!! Turmeric, Blackening Seasoning, Garlic Powder, Garlic Salt, Onion Powder, Salt, Pepper
      • Top it all off with sriracha and some vegan sour cream for some extra YUMM!
      • *NOTE* Make sure you let all the burrito ingredients cool completely before wrapping them up in the tortillas or they will get soggy


BREAD PICTURE IS COMING!!! The bread is currently rising on top of my fridge right now!


  • Apples and Peanut Butter with Hot Green Tea


Post Gym Drink

  • I am normally not a huge proponent of protein powders because I think often times people will overdose on waaaayyy too many vitamins and minerals or people are using them as a substitute for healthy eating. But if you use it as part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet where the majority of your nutrients are coming from whole foods, then a protein shake now and then after the gym can be a healthy addition. I also usually can’t stand the taste but this vegan vanilla pea protein one mixed with almond milk isn’t too bad! I still only use half the recommended amount of powder though.



12.2I love the colors! Such a bright dinner!!!12.112.412.3


  • I made a batch of my favorite black bean cupcakes with vanilla frosting for my awesome coworkers! They are still cooking but here is a picture of the batch I made last weekend for my husband’s coworkers (He is a scientist, hence the nerdy cupcakes!)


I hope you  all have a wonderful week and a lovely Valentine’s Day! Remember that the love of your life is waiting for you in an animal shelter right now!!! Adopt!!! Here are a few of my lovely Valentine’s!




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